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April 2006
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Have I Been Affected By Real Estate Fraud?

There are two types of crime in this world. The first is the type in which you know a crime has been committed against yourself or someone else and you’re not afraid to report it to the proper authorities. The second is the type where you’re not sure if you’ve been victimized and/or you’re too embarrassed to report it to the proper authorities. Unfortunately, real estate and mortgage fraud fall into the second category. All too often, victims of real estate and mortgage fraud-related crimes are under informed and/or too embarrassed by their situation, and for whatever reason they choose not to report the crime.

As regular readers know, a few weeks ago I wrote about Rebecca Hauck’s capture in Texas. Hauck, the alleged co-conspirator of real estate and mortgage fraud poster-child, Matthew Cox, is now in Atlanta, Georgia, where she faces a multitude of real estate-related fraud charges, including conspiracy, wire fraud, bank fraud, money laundering and use of stolen identities.

Soon after writing about Hauck’s arrest for my own blog (this blog, that is), I was asked by the good folks over a to write a similar piece for their readership. What has happened since has been both unexpected and enlightening, especially when it comes to the type of crime where people are not sure if they’ve been victimized and/or they’re too embarrassed to report it.

It seems that the Rebecca Hauck arrest–along with my own writings about it–have spurred a number of people to come forward and inquire as to the possibility of they themselves being victims of Hauck and Cox-like transactions. Since I first wrote about Hauck’s arrest, I’ve received a number of inquiries from both consumers and other real estate industry professionals, all of who believe they may be victim s of related estate-related fraud.

Here’s an example of one such inquiry. This is from a fellow real estate professional whose name and some of the case’s specific details have been changed or omitted to protect individual privacy:

I am a real estate industry professional helping someone with forensic work in a divorce case. During the course of my work, I have come across what I believe are several fraudulent, recorded documents and transactions which have seriously harmed my client; some of which involve multiple and expensive real properties which appear to have had the cooperation of notaries and attorneys. In short, they appear to be very similar to the events outlined in your “Bonnie & Clyde” article.

There is really no way to put this delicately, but my client insists, and I am inclined to agree, that it seems that many of the attorneys in that locale are aware that this fraudulent activity is common practice when a person of considerable means has significant assets. There is great reluctance on the attorneys’ parts to expose or stop this activity or it bring to the attention of authorities. My client has been advised it would be “too difficult,” they are “divorce lawyers not real estate experts,” “impossible to prove,” “cause trouble,” “not worth it,” etc.

I’m wondering if you can help review the documentation and advise us? Would it be possible to discuss this matter immediately? Grateful for any assistance you can give.

In her wildest dreams, I bet Rebecca Hauck never imagined that her capture, arrest, and extradition would lead to more people coming forward as potential victims of real estate-related fraud. Image what Matthew Cox’s arrest will do!

Posted By: Ralph Roberts @ 9:35 am Comments (5)
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  1. Rebecca’s Mom
    August 6th, 2006
    Rebecca’s /starting with when Rebecca left for Florida

    What started out as a wonderful opportunity and adventure in July 2003..turned into a parents worst nightmare. Our daughter and grandson were making the big move away from family for a new life. We were excited and happy for the opportunity for Becky, the opportunities that awaited she & Bryce,,moving to St. Petersburg, FL. Along with the happiness brought a feeling of emptiness; they had never lived so far away from family..Salt Lake City was the furthest. We had to put aside the feelings all parents would experience,”will they be alright..what if something happens, it will take us forever to get there”.
    The Company flew Becky and Bryce to Florida for a week to meet everyone at the company and to make her decision after spending time. The Company insisted we go to dinner when they came back to Las Vegas to answer any questions we may have.So we met with them. These were the people moving our daughter & grandson clear across the United States,and they were easing our concerns.They would have an apartment waiting for them near the company, everything would be fine. It was time for a break for Becky and Bryce.
    So off they went and drove to Florida, calling all along the way..having a few times of wanting to turn around and come back…I told Becky you will have the sun, beaches..a great get-away for the family a few times a year..but I could still hear a little fear in her voice,,did I make the right decision..what if we aren’t happy..I told her then she comes back to Las Vegas, but that she & Bryce will love it. That within 1-2 years we would relocate to Florida.
    They arrived safely and had an apartment waiting…went out and picked out furniture and were ready to start their new lives in their new exciting!
    They would call on the week-ends taunting us with “we are at the beach”, “we are eating fresh oysters” and I could hear the happiness in their voices..Bryce had made a friend in the had a way of working out.
    Imagine our guilt later..encouraging Becky to make the move; we have relived that decision many times over the last 2/12 years. When your adult children ask for your advise, you pray you give them the answers and support they will use wisely.
    In September we could hear a little loneliness in Becky’s voice..yes, she loved her job and the people were wonderful, she had so much to learn, but she was excited..evenings were hard for her..she missed all of she was on the computer going to chat rooms, emailing friends.
    It was in September I believe, that she said she met a man..and he was really great…they had started dating..she didn’t mention she had met him on the internet..and I never thought to ask. It was going into October and she and Bryce were talking all about Matthew, they both liked him and Becky said he got along great with Bryce! What a plus..she asked if her dad & I could come to Florida the end of October for her dad’s birthday,,which is Halloween and she wanted us to meet Matthew, I told her I would check with Dad and let her know…of course we were going to go..our daughter-in-law had never been to Florida so she asked if she & our 1 yr old grandson could come with…and off we all went to see them!
    Becky & Bryce picked us up at the airport and her dad said he wanted to rent a car so that we could sight-see and beach while she was at the we did. We were so happy with the apartment, cute, homey..nice area, close to work..they appeared happy..Becky said for Dad’s Birthday she & Matthew were taking us all out to dinner,,we of course said, Dad & I would pay for everyone’s dinner,,we hadn’t even met this man as of yet..also Becky’s friend from work joined us for dinner..
    We met Matthew Cox when he came to the apartment and we followed he & Becky to restaurant. Becky had told us previously over the last few weeks how sociable Matthew was and he never stopped talking,,talk, talk talk…and that she had told him I had been in real estate we thought it was going to be a great evening and we were excited to meet this new person who had captured the heart of our daughter and grandson.
    Imagine our surprise when he was very quiet upon meeting us all, and we just chalked it up to being nervous meeting the parents…our drive to the restaurant was a little hectic trying to follow him, it was like he was trying to lose us..going through almost red lights, speeding up..I called Becky on her cell phone and reminded her we didn’t know where were going and it would helpful if Matthew slowed down and didn’t run the lights.
    We arrived at the restaurant and Joanie was there waiting for us,,we had just met her as well, and she was a wonderful person.she was my age…Joanie said she loved Becky & Bryce, they had just connected. Joanie and I talked many times after the nightmare began..
    Matthew sat next to Becky, across from us..and we both tried to engage Matthew in conversation but he just wasn’t going to cooperate..and made very little eye contact..I tried Real Estate..Don tried sports..he was just very quiet.
    Joanie & I went outside for a few moments and I mentioned to Joanie we thought that Matthew was acting rather strange after all Becky had told us..she said she had met him a few other times and she had the same I knew it wasn’t just us “being parents” and being over protective.
    We all arrived back at the apartment but Matthew didn’t come upstairs, he went home..we went and sat on the patio and dad & I said to Becky..that Matthew sure wasn’t the person she had described, even if we gave him being nervous about meeting us.
    Becky said we were just knit picking..that we never liked anyone she dated, except a few..we said that wasn’t true..that we all had the same feelings about Matthew..”something” just isn’t right.. call it Mother’s Intuition..well she wasn’t very happy with us and said she would be back later and left.
    The balance of our visit, Matthew pretty much kept Becky away, except for maybe a couple hours a day and when Matthew brought his son over to pickup Becky to attend something that he had to do,,Bryce did not want to go so he stayed with us, but Matthew continued to insist she come back to his place .The Sunday before we left to go home, Becky was taking her dad & Bryce to a Tampa Buccaneers Game,her company had a “club box” for the game so they were pretty excited,and Matthew was going with,,Becky, Bryce and Dad left to pick up Matthew at his apartment..Becky wanted her Dad to see the paintings Matthew had done,,which were murals of Nuns & Priests gambling & smoking,,Dad said the paintings were very good but a little strange. Dad thought this would be a good opportunity to get Matthew talking at the game..but alas, all Matthew did was stay on his cell phone and he never watched the game, Matthew did not like sports. After returning from the game and sitting outside,we told Becky that Matthew was trying to control her..and what a better way to see if it was working, than to keep her away from her family…she said no…he loved her, he is going to marry her and make a home for her & Bryce…and we would see what a great person he was……………..I prayed we were wrong about him.
    I awoke early the morning we were leaving to go home and Becky had just came in and I told her we were disappointed in her actions and it seemed that Matthew had a great deal of control over her..did he have her on drugs..she was very thin and I had commented on it during our visit..she said NO he didn’t have her on drugs, but he liked her thinner…I said if he really loves you, he would accept you the way you are..well, we left with a heavy heart and very concerned about Mr. Cox..hoping he would become history. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, I had a message on my cell phone from Becky, she was crying and apologizing for her behavior during our visit, and she loved us all very much. I called her and asked her to please re-think this relationship with Matthew, it did not appear to be a healthy relationship, he was very controlling and it would only get worse. She said she would….and I did not want to push for fear of making it worse.
    November came along with Thanksgiving.. Becky & Bryce were going to Matthew’s parents home for dinner with his family..he has (3) adopted siblings..(1) brother and (2) sisters, his parents had Matthew late in life and they thought they could not have children,,that is why they had adopted.this information is according to what he told Becky….so I guess his excuse is..he thought of himself as an accident. Which at this my opinion..I agree,,he was a bad, bad accident.
    December, 2003 Becky called and asked if Bryce could come out early, Bryce was coming for Christmas break and we were very excited…we said of course he Bryce arrived in the first part of December….Becky said she was going out of the country on business with her wonderful, she will see the world!
    It wasn’t until about eight days later after Bryce arrived, that I began to become concerned because we had not heard from Becky and emailed her at work, knowing she would have her computer with her………………….

    Comment by From Rebecca’s Mom — August 6, 2006 @ 9:51 pm

  2. I too have been affected by mortgage fraud. If anyone has contact or information regarding Tyrone Piggot from Michigan or Andy Pouget also from Michigan, please contact Ralph Roberts immediately. They are known mortgage fraud scam artists. They have defrauded and cheated me of huge amounts of money on two “investment properties”. They were working for a company in Southfield, Michigan called Captiva Financial. For a picture of Andy, check out his profile on myspace:
    Thank you

    Comment by DY — August 9, 2006 @ 4:22 pm

  3. Please give me information about Marlon Gonzalez and Dayalin Gonzalez of South Miami. They are ringleaders of a huge mortgage fraud ring which involves appraisers, title companies, mortgage brokers and notaries. If anyone has been affected by Mortgage Planners and Investments or the two mentioned above, please email me at so that we can work together on this case. Thanks.

    Comment by John Oral — December 11, 2006 @ 10:40 pm

  4. I am sorry but I do not feel sorry for Rebecca or Matt. They were both adults and knew what they were doing. The pair did horrible things and hurt a lot of people along the way with no regard except to them selves. Rebecca is no innocent little girl and neither was Matt, it was all about the money and they left everything behind for the money, how sad. I hope they both get everything they deserve in prison, I am sure they will both be well taken care of by fellow inmates!!! Both of them stole, robbed, scammed, used fake names, id’s , bank accounts etc to get what they wanted and they got the money no matter what . No amount of money or time could re pay what damage both of them have done. Matt your a disgrace to your family but mommy and daddy molded their golden child and look what happened. You always though you were above everyone else, I wander what you think now! Both of you need to ROT!

    Comment by Ellen — February 23, 2011 @ 11:10 am

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